Services for candidates

We know how demanding looking for a job can be for you. That is the reason why we always respond in a professional and confidential manner to all those who entrust us for their career development in the

Our responsibilities toward your are to:
  1. Always treat you with respect
  2. Understand your personal situation as well as your career objectives.
  3. Only submit your candidacy to our clients after having obtained your authorization.
  4. Research for you the most promising opportunities in industry which would permit you to attain your long term career objectives.
  5. Make you fully profit from our expertise in industry.
    ·    Through our advice in the preparation of your C.V. so that your candidacy receives all the consideration it deserves from of your accumulated efforts and success throughout your career.
    ·    Through an adequate preparation for interviews as well as a regular follow up in order to maximize your chances of getting the job you seek.
  6. Assure you that when the time comes, we will assist you in the negotiation of hiring conditions which are commensurate with your experience and achievements.
  7. Finally, to wish you success in your new career.